about Datis

Datis Trade Med Co. is the managing director of Mr. Fakhreddin Sabaghi ​​as a manufacturer of PVC profile as well as a direct importer of the most prestigious fittings from Turkey to Iran.

our goals:

Continuous improvement of the quality management system and its effectiveness
Improving the quality of products and services to increase customer satisfaction
Providing an appropriate framework for expanding research and development in order to update production technology and product design, identify customer needs, and ultimately meet its demands.
Improve the production process and reduce waste in order to raise production rates and reduce prices and gain customer satisfaction
Providing a dynamic, motivating and lively environment for employees and creating the right environment for creative staff to flourish
Training staff at all levels to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities
Expanding its presence in international markets and gaining a greater share of it
Enhance communication and mutual trust with domestic and foreign suppliers to enhance mutual benefits.


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