Comparison of PVC double wall insulationMonday 18, Jun 2018

Fixed upvc windows insulation

These types of windows are the best sound, temperature and humidity insulation and due to the engineering and type of construction, the top of the PVC windows are insulated.
Insulated single-mode upvc windows

Single-mode windows have no shortage of insulation compared to fixed windows, the only difference being in the type of UVC windows used, but due to the opening and closing and the possibility of removal Regular collagen may reduce insulation and increase seam.
Dual mode upvc windows insulation

When designing and tooling is a priority, a double glazed window is the perfect solution. UVC’s dual-window window fittings allow you to use three window modes (open, close, pop-up) with just one handle. Pop-up from the top of the special hinge, put this window in a gentle incline to allow smooth air flow into and out of the curtain and other equipment. The UPVC double insulated window insulation is identical to the fixed double window and the only difference is its opening and closing.

The upvc dual-mode double window function is easy to operate and with one knob you can use both pop-ups just to rotate the knob. When the handle is downward, the double-glazed door or window is locked, and to open the side of the window you just need to turn the handle horizontally, at the end just rotate the handle upwards for the pop-up.

How to use double glazing correctly

Mainly double-walled windows consist of profiles and galvanized sections, fittings and espaniolet, hinges and knobs, glass and hinges, each of which performs a duty burden, and the existence of each requires proper functioning of the double-walled window. .

When the double-walled window is installed and fastened to the pre-mounted steel frame, it is time to regulate all parts to open and close the window without any problems and the double-walled window is ready at this time.

One of the most important advantages of double glazed windows is the issue of insulation, which is fully adhered to with the special adhesives, and the double glazing system performs the necessary tests for the proper functioning of the window.

The strength of the double wall profile is so high that if properly installed and regulated it will not cause any problems for the client, but the door handle and fittings may have problems over time, for example the double wall window may break or That the fittings are not functioning properly, each of which can be repaired and replaced.

How to open and close the door is also very effective in the durability of the double-sided window so that if the window is double-sided the handle operates in different directions and the lid will open and close as you wish, but be careful not to rotate the lever when Pressure because after a while Espanyol will fail and the hub and zipper will not function properly.

When discussing double glazed glass, be careful not to pull the glass in any way, as it causes the glass to fall, causing a lot of dangers, and the structure of the double glazed glass itself is very sensitive. It has the ability to leave, break, and powder in the slightest impact.

Double-glazed window frames are also durable and work properly for many years if used in high quality materials, but can be replaced if there are any defects and no worries.

How to keep the UVC double glazed window
UVC Double Wall Window Profile Cleaning

The best material or solution for cleaning the profiles of a double walled uvc window is a cleaner PVC window cleaner, which is not mainly manufactured in Iran and is rarely available in the market but you are here to clean your PVC double walled neck You can use low-concentration spray or water or soap solution or use nano-technology sponges that are low-cost and found in most supermarkets.
Never use a napkin or coarse cloth to clean the UVC double-sided window.
After using a napkin soaked in water or soap, try cleaning it with a lint-free cloth.
Never use a powerful detergent such as Vitax to clean the UVC double glazed window.
If your PVC double-sided window tires are of the EPDMM type (which is the strongest and best type of tire), it will have the longest shelf life, and it is always evident that you just have to wear a very damp cloth every few months. Remove the dust from it, and if your windows have tires on your head, they are probably PVC (which is resistant to EPDM tires and have a shorter life span), though once a month with soap and water. Clean This will make the rubber more refreshing.
Upon complete installation of the PVC double glazed windows if all construction works (painting, forging, etc.) are removed, the sensitivity to the outer protective glazing of the window is increased because of the high shelf life and radiation. The sun is tinted and cracked on the protective label, making it difficult to separate from the UVC double-glazed window and in some cases impossible.


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